Why is my uploaded score "assigned" to someone else??? THE SCORE IS ASSIGNED TO

• May 9, 2020 - 22:26

I was looking at one of my scores that I am transcribing from a library of congress recording:

It says:

hesitation blues
by Ralph McTell

Who the hell is ralph mctell and why is he assigned to my score??? Why the uploader cannot instantly change the assignment, but i must submit a suggestion to get it changed? Is this copyright law related?

What is this new score assignment feature called? Is it user/crowd sourced or based on some [rudimentary] AI? Every one of my uploaded scores I've looked at is "assigned", sometimes logically, sometimes not. It is clearly written in the description "Library of Congress recordings (1938), Disc 2, Track 16, 2005, Alan Lomax".

p.s. I know who ralph mctell is. just saying...


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Hi. About the musescore.org vs musescore.com... one of question is about the assignment of the score? Is that done by users of the site or do you guys make AI program to automatically assign the song name and composer based on converted audio or text that is present in the score? ...or is that a "social" feature you guys are not care about?

P.S. I figured out how to change the assignment. You have to "update this score". Thanks.

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