Incorrect default shortcut for 'previous score'

• May 9, 2020 - 23:35

In short: pressing ctrl + shift + tab does not activate the 'previous score' action.

I noticed that the default shortcut is ctrl + shift + BACKtab. Doesn't backtab imply shift is being held down? This seems to be conflicting with the 'shift' in the shortcut definition. I think it would make more sense for it to be defined as: ctrl + shift + tab.

This source confirms that the current default shortcut is ctrl + shift + backtab:…

The handbook states that the shortcut is ctrl + shift + tab:

This is the relevant section of the default shortcuts.xml:


Here's my edit that makes it work like how I would expect it:


This is the only reference of this problem I've seen so far:

I initially encouterd this in version 3.4.2, but this behaviour remains in the 3.5 alpha. OS: Windows 10.

Should this be reported as a bug?


Yes, I can confirm what you're seeing. I've additionally found that it isn't even possible (on Windows) to manually set the keyboard shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Tab, so there's no way to get that keyboard shortcut working at all.

Please file a new issue to report all of this. Thanks.

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