Ellington-like musician-based orchestration

• May 10, 2020 - 16:31

For those who don't know, Ellington was said to write parts catered to the specific performers in his orchestra. This meant that he would write some sections of the piece for the Trumpets section, and some specific to each player, with his own style and abilities. That is a particularly helpful approach when you have a set ensemble of players but several of them are multi-instrumentalists: they can look for their name on the score, and there see what they have to use at any given moment.
Now, could it be possible to do this in Musescore? And then possibly saving that name-based setup as an ensemble that can be picked in the score creation wizard, or even set as default for new scores?
EDIT: finally remembered the name of the other app that can kind of do that, it's Dorico


You can create a custom score and then save it as a template. I do this mainly for piano/vocal and for British brass band but you can make whatever groupings you like.

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