• May 11, 2020 - 01:18

I'm using 3.4.2. I set up a score and saved it in Templates, inside the Musescore folder. How can I call up that template?


I don't understand. Where do I save said template? And how do I call up the wizard when I need a template. I think templates ought to work like document templates. I right click and my doc templates appear in a list.

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I thought you said you already saved it to your Templates folder? That's the right places - MuseScore3/Templates, right next to MuseScore3/Scores etc.

The wizard I mean is the one you use each and every time you create a score - it comes up with File / New or Ctrl+N. So presumably if you've been using MuseScore for years you've seen it hundreds of times?

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Yes, I have seen the wizard. I spose I need to go back and take another look at it. But, spose I have Musescore already opened, and I am browsing folders on my drives, and working on an audio project, and I want to there and then call up a template and make a note of something. I have to go back and call up wizard? For that, I would have to close and reopen the program.

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??? Why would you need to do that? Again this is the wizard you see each and every time you create a new score. Each and every time you do File / New or Ctrl+N. Restarting MuseScore isn’t necessary in order to create a new score, never has been in any version. File / New, simple as that, same as always. Every time you’ve ever created a new score, you saw this wizard and we’re asked to choose a template. This will be no different, you’ll just see your template in the list now along with the standard options like Treble Staff, String Quartet, Jazz Combo, Classical Orchestra, etc. Just try it and you’ll see.

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OK. I see it now, and that's nifty. But spose I'm in a project folder and I get an idea to make note of. I right click and I can get a doc template from Templates in my directory. That selection will fire up the program and start that doc template for me. I don't have to go find the program and fire up the program first. Likewise, it would be nifty to be able to store in my system's Templates folder and both select the template and fire up the program with one click. But it doesn't do that. But it's something to think about. Without it, I have to leave my folder, find and fire up Musescore then select the template. Couldn't that be a one step process? Something to think about when designing Musescore 100000.0. I'll just have to wait a few hundred years.

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I think the details of what happens when you right-click within your favorite file browser is something you can probably customize yourself using the controls provided your file browser (whether the one provided by your OS or a third party browser). I suspect the installer for whatever your particular OS happens to be can probably set something up automatically, but I don't think there would be a way for your custom templates to be part of that since the installer won't know about your custom templates.

So, most likely you can already get what you want by figuring out how to use the controls provided by your file browser / OS to add commands to the right-click menu, but the details ill depend on which file browser and which OS you use. I believe you mentioned being on some Linux variant, so actually it's probably some feature of your window manager you need to research.

Also, you mention having to "go find the program", but normally that's as simple as clicking the taskbar icon or whatever your particular window manager calls it. So it's actually always right there, easier than needing to right0-click first. Also, in Linux it is generally easy customize taskbar icons to start programs with particular options, so if you add "-n" to your command line, it will start MuseScore with the new score wizard already open.

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