Quotation Marks and other important signs

• May 13, 2020 - 14:34

In lyrics, you often need quotation marks and I recommend to use typographical ones. Here is the ASCII-code for them. It looks better to type “Colin’s house” than "Colin's hose" on my opinion.

Alt + 0132
Alt + 0146
« Alt+171
» Alt+187


Downside: I believe that uses the numbers on the NumPad, and many laptops don't have that.
And is Windows only.

But the F2 palette can also get used here.

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Additionally: Those are not ASCII codes at all; rather, they're 8-bit “Windows ANSI” codes, which means they're language-dependent and therefore won't work for everyone.

Better to use something like WinCompose, which lets you use easy-to-remember key combinations and works in any language (and in any app).

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