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• May 14, 2020 - 05:51

I see this topic on the forum, but not a clear answer. I have created a workspace and saved it. I see it in my finder. I have also created a custom palette. Marc, in one thread said you did not have to save it...But, there is the option, which means the developers allowed it. (screen grab #1). But when I go to save it there is not a MuseScore defined default location. The Save dialog box goes to the top of my drive (screen grab #2).

I want to save this because MuseScore has crashed on me and taken my custom workspace and custom palette... Yes, it disappeared from its location in the Finder. It was a giant pain to rebuild everything. I would like to avoid that happening again.

Also, I would like to share this palette with my students. But not the whole workspace as that seems like overkill


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But when I go to save it there is not a MuseScore defined default location
Correct, as "saving" a palette means exporting it. That saved file is not used by MuseScore, but you can use it to import the palette to any installed version of MuseScore.

A crash shouldn't remove a workspace or palette. But reverting to factory settings might. Also, there is no explicit option to "save" a workspace, so Im not sure what exactly you were doing there. If you just mean, you created it and it saved automatically, and you were using Finder to look in the special folder msueScore automatically saves these in, then that makes sense - except for the part about the file disappearing.

If I were worried about losing a workspace in the future, I'd just copy that file somewhere else.

BTW, saving a palette literally saves only that palette, not the entire set of palettes within the workspace.

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