Bass Trombone Sound is Different After an Instrument Change

• May 16, 2020 - 09:41

So usually I'm using whatever soundfonts I like from the Symphonic Sounds set, but for a bass trombone part, I'm wanting to use the regular one. In the staff, it starts off on bass trombone, then I have a change to tuba, then I switch it back to bass bone. However, the playback is different after the instrument change. It distorts the sound a lot, making it VERY brassy compared to the original soundfont and it also makes the tone super wavy and out of pitch. I looked through the mixer and there's nothing different between before and after the tuba change. What's going on?


I don't know much about software, but I use Symphonic Sounds mostly. There are two bass trombones: Bass Trombone and Bass Trombone SSO. The former is very brassy. It MAY be that when you switched back to bass trombone instead of Bass Trombone SSO you picked the one without SSO. Check in your mixer.

Hope this helps.

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