A Question about adding Chords

• May 17, 2020 - 12:22

I have a copy of some sheetmusic that i am writing out in MuseScore, but have noticed that there are a few areas on the score where there are chords that are not above a note or rest.

Obviously i know how to add chords above notes and rests, but how do you add a chord when there is nothing to put it above except an empty stave ?

Hope that made sense


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Click the rest, press Ctrl+K, type the first chord. Press Space twice to move ahead two beats, type the next chord, press Space again to move ahead another beat, type the next chord, etc. That's assuming you want the chords on the beat, it's not really clear from this chart. If you want them on half-beats, use Ctrl+4, since 4 is the shortcut for eighth note. Not sure what you're missing here, the Handbook seems quite clear to me?

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