What are the dynamics symbols m, r, s and z ?

• May 18, 2020 - 22:32

The manual says that "n" is Niente (to or from nothing). Usually used with a hairpin.

It says that "r" is Rinforzando and "s" is Sforzando. Are they standard symbols, synonyms for "rfz" and "sfz"?

It says that "m" is Mezzo. What does that mean by itself (as opposed to "mf" or "mp")?

There is no description of "z" in the manual.

Are all these single-letter symbols recognized on playback? Are they familiar to the music community?

David D.


Try it out and watch what it does in Inspector:

m reduces velocity by 16, starting from 96
r reduces velocity by 18, starting from 112
s reduces velocity by 18, starting from 112
z sets velocity to 80
n reduces velocity by 48, starting from 49

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