from windows to a Mac

• May 19, 2020 - 18:45

I have been using Musescore for three years or so using a Windows based computer. I have purchased a new Mac computer. If I downloaded Musescore to my Mac computer, will I have access to the Musecore files I have created and saved on my Windows based computer? If so, what is the best way to transfer the files from a Windows based computer to a Mac? I do have a Musescore subscription. Thank you for your help!


As for any other File. Save from Windows to external media (it will still be a backup) and copy to your Mac. Or save to the cloud.

Using Save Online on Windows and downloading them them then to the Mac is all but one option (and a Pro account isn't even needed for that anymore), Better is probably to use Dropbox or the like (I personally use since years to share my scores between different computers I use)

I personally would use a usb stick to move the xyz.mscz files across, as the easiest and quickest way. This of course is an example of Shoichi's "external media".

As for where to put the files on your new Mac... If you're not sure, just open Musescore and make a trivial test.mscz score, then save it and see where it goes.

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