Orchestra Piece

• May 20, 2020 - 06:09

Check out my first Orchestra Piece. Tell me what you think!



i would try to introduce a bit more variation especialy in the harp and string parts. I also dont think that the choir is really necessary, and in general i would use less instruments and give them more to do, othervise half of the orchestra has basicly nothing to do,
That is just my opinion, just keep writing, and eventually, maybe you will write something substancial.

By the way this is also my first orchestra piece, have not finished it yet, but anyways i am interested, what you think about it.

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I do agree with you. Basically all the parts just keep repeating the same thing over and over. I was just trying to experiment with different sounds since I've never written anything like this. I plan on writing another orchestral piece that will build off of this one. I will definitely be making the parts much more interesting. This was kind of a test. I would love to hear your piece but I can't open the file. Could you perhaps send another file that would work?

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