Workspace Manager

• May 21, 2020 - 14:35

The current mechanism of workspace managing is unnecessarily difficult to use. The only options available for organizing workspaces are in a drop menu ("View"), so not only will the drop menu close every time you do something, you'll also have to select a workspace first in order to edit or delete it. This is highly inconvenient if, for example, we find ourselves having created several useless workspaces and want to remove them.

I'm not really going to propose a lot of ideas myself, but would rather hear from you. Do you like the idea of creating a "Workspace Manager" dialogue? If so, what would you like to see in a workspace manager?


I think I see it about the same way. Yes, a separate workspace manager dialog would be very nice. Mostly I'd just want it to reproduce the current menu functionality, but with one addition: an explicit save command so you can get a workspace file we can archive/share without having to root around through hidden folders to find.

Actually, I'd go one further: it would be fabulous to be able to export an extension. The format isn't really documented except in that you can reverse engineer it by examining a downloaded extension (a ZIP archive), and also study at the MDL source on GitHub, where there is a script to package one up. Really, it's a simple archive containing workspace files, soundfonts, and templates. Once you've created one you can install it by dragging into the MsueScore window. Would be nice to expose this better, so might as well look at designs that solve both problems (the workspaces themselves and extensions that may include them) together.

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