Soundfont problem

• May 22, 2020 - 06:30

Excuse me, I just have a question about soundfont in musescore. Some midi interface software like VirtualMIDISynth can load sf2 to replace the sound of Microsoft build-in midi synth. I downloaded MuseScore_General.sf2 from musescore website, and loaded it. But I found that when using VirtualMIDISynth to play sound, the volume of piano timbre is very very low (other timbres are ok). There is no such volume problem in musescore playback, though. So I'm curious about it. Does musescore use a special method to process the soundfont for piano timbre?


I don't have an answer, but have you tried any of the other fonts on the the VirtualMIDISynth page? It might help us to know what you are using a midi player for.

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I have tried FluidR3_GM.sf2, and there's no such problem, but I prefer the sound of MuseScore_General.sf2. I made some score by musescore, and I want to play the midi exported from them in other software like synthesia. When synthesia playing midi, it can call VirtualMIDISynth to play the loaded soundfont.

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