Simple Backing Sheets

• May 22, 2020 - 18:36

I run a beginners jazz group, and create simple backing that can be played by anyone who turns up with flute/sax/clarinet etc. The sheet attached was produced by cut and paste from MuseScore into LibreOffice. Could it be done completely within MuseScore?
Rainbow backing.pdf


I see no reason at all in that PDF to cut and paste from MuseScore into LibreOffice.
What part is giving you difficulty when trying to create such a sheet in MuseScore?

It wasn't super obvious at first what was confusing you, but I guess it's the fact that your actually have three separate scores here. So yes, create the first, add a section break to the last measure, then append some measures and start the next.

Probably the best way to proceed from there is to use an instrument change element from the Text palette to change to a Bb instrument at that point. Then the transposition will be taken care of for you automatically and you can simply copy and paste the music from the first part to the second. Then repeat that for the third part.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation Marc. I in fact start with a single score of the melody and chords. Then I use the excellent plugin from Marc Shepherd - Expand Chord Symbols into Notes. The chords are then exploded into separate parts and modified until the backing sounds acceptable to me. From that point I will pick up with your explanation of how to put them onto a single sheet.
Only another 199 backings left to create from my list of jazz standards !

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Having followed the development of chord symbol playback during last years season of code with mounting excitement, I tried MuseScore 3.5 on the first day of alpha release. I cannot see how to generate notes from the chord symbols in the way that the Mark Shepherd plugin allows. Am I missing something in 3.5?

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Exactly. Use the explicit Realize command to put actual notes in your score, or just enable chord symbol playback in Edit / Preferences / I/O to have playback automatically (much easier if you don’t intend to edit the playback further, but it sounds like you do).

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