Templates should recreate MIDI channel assignments when used

• May 23, 2020 - 01:32
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When I create a score or template (in my case for e.g. an orchestral score), I can set the MIDI channels in the mixer.
When I reopen a saved score, the MIDI channels are indeed preserved; this is good.
However, when I create a new score from a template that I created (with MIDI channels specifically assigned), that new score will not have the MIDI channels set to the previously assigned channels.
In my view, this is unexpected behaviour, as one of the ideas of templates is to have a pre-set, empty score, with all instruments working as expected.
When using the built-in synthesizer, it probably won't matter (as instrument definitions are preserved, regardless of MIDI channel), but if one wants to use external audio, e.g. by using LoopMIDI, with audio playing through e.g. Reaper, then this is a major annoyance, as all MIDI channels in MuseScore will have to be checked and amended after creating a new score.
Would it be possible to use the MIDI channels, as stored in the template, when creating a new score from them?
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If you're talking about the voice to channel assignments done via a staff text's properties, then the answer is no, unfortunately. That staff text is attached to a note or rest, which in turn sits in a measure, but scores created from a template discard all measures from the template, just using the same instrument set and the same general score settings, but a different key amd timen sig, tempo, number of meassures, title, composer, lyricist, etc.
For the same reason you loose images from templates

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Hi Jojo,

Here's an example template.

The saved template has deliberately set MIDI channels, in this case:

  • First stave, the flute, on MIDI channel 3;
  • Second set of staves, the piano, on MIDI channel 5.

These are arbitrary numbers for the sake of this example only; in the real world I would like to have e.g. a large orchestral score template, with my flutes always on MIDI channel 1, my oboes always on MIDI channel 2, and so on.
Why would I want this?
Because I, and I would assume many / most composers out there, will have a particular set up, with e.g. Reaper serving as a playback device (through LoopMIDI), or with hardware synths, etc, with specific instruments always having the same MIDI channels.

Now, if I open the template ("File" -> "Open", etc), the MIDI channels are the same as when I saved them: this is what I want (however, this is obviously not how templates are to be used).

However, if I use the template to create a new score ("File" -> "New" -> "Custom Templates", etc), then the MIDI channel info is gone, and MuseScore will have re-assigned all the MIDI channels to just subsequent numbers, completely ignoring the MIDI channels as stored in the template.

So, if I want to start a new orchestral piece, using my orchestral template with carefully chosen MIDI channels, I will have to re-set all the MIDI channels for all instruments.
This kind of defeats the purpose of having a template…

I hope this was helpful to get my point across.

Many thanks,


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That template used "Flute (expr)" for the Flute (program 73) and "Grand Piano" for Piano (program 0), pretty much the default, when opened as a score. I see no reason to believe it behaves differently when used as a template.

Oh, now I now, you're not talking about the sound, but the MIDI channel!

Hmm, might be a bug, or a feature not yet implemented, but I can confirm it, when used that score as a template