Overlaying existing score with live instument recording.

• May 24, 2020 - 13:17

Hello I am a guitar player and I like to play in a piano fashion using a bass/rhythm and lead accompaniment, it is rather difficult to work our the score/tab for these custom arrangements since unlike with piano the left hand on guitar is singular and must press all the notes.. as such I would like to use a software to assist with fabricating my compositions.

Is it possible to live record a piece of music from an insrument (ie. midi keys, guitar) into the musescore software and then return to the beginning of the score and play additional notes into the score for the lead work?

Ultimatley taking the guess work out of combining the rhythm and lead and letting the software work it out for me, that is what I'm trying to archieve by whatever means possible.

I am trying to work this out using whatever methods and even software I can, your help is much appreciated thank you.


I think MuseScore is not the "first stage" program you're looking for.
We do have https://musescore.org/en/handbook/note-input-modes#realtime-auto for a basic input-as-you-play method, but it doesn't playback already entered methods during entry of a new staff/voice afaik.

You'll likely get the best results by inputting your music into actual sequencer software first. Then if you want to create a good written score out of that, export musicxml or MIDI from the sequencer and import that into MuseScore.

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