Update to allow Novation LaunchKey Mini MK3?

• May 24, 2020 - 20:47

Novation LaunchKey Mini MK3 doesn't work in MuseScore, it also doesn't work in Sibelius (lol). Works in just about every DAW I've tested and also Noteflight. I'm sticking to Noteflight unless there's a patch. Let me know if you patch it in, thanks.


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The reason for the question is that MuseScore comes in both a 64-bit and a legacy 32-bit version. When used on windows those result in the operating system using different driver calls. In some cases this results in 32-bit drivers not being found by 64-bit software and the other way around.

FWIW, that installer seems to hint at being 64-bit, as it by default installs into the regular "Program Files" directory.

Chances are that there is nothing for MuseScore (or Sibelius for that matter) to patch. We don't support individual devices, but query the operating system for compatible generic MIDI devices. For some reason your keyboard isn't showing up in that list when we ask for it.
We don't influence at all what is put into that list.

I'm assuming here that you've already made sure of the following:
1. The keyboard is connected and started before starting MuseScore
2. If it doesn't show in Edit > Preferences > I/O; press the "restart audio devices" button and check again
3. Verify in the device manager that the keyboard is listed as a MIDI device (also check if there is an advanced property setting for applications to take exclusive access of the device; the setting (if it exists) must be turned off)
4. If your keyboard did show up in the dropdowns, enter a note any other way first (mouse/pc) and then press a key on the keyboard: what happens?

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Oh. Great post, thanks! Just to test, I installed 32-bit musescore and got the same result. Then re-installed the 64-bit version.

The device does show up in the drop-down menus. I hear sounds being played when manually entering notes with the mouse, with my computer's keyboard or via the Piano overlay in musescore. I'm in note entry mode, the midi-button is enbabled in the toolbar, nothing's happening. Even checked the synth and no sounds are being produced when pressing the midi controller keys.

In I/O there are two entries, I took shots of them in the input & output. Neither work:

To answer #3 above. That seems a bit complicated. I never want my midi controller acting in exclusive mode. I did test Ableton & Noteflight (via Firefox) to both work while the other program was running (meaning it's possible to have both programs respond to the same midi input).

I've not seen any mention on the web of exclusive being an issue with this controller, but I can't be sure. I have seen that option in the sound control panel input/output devices in windows, there is an 'Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device' checkbox there. I checked all of the driver properties in the device manager, there's no additional options listed.

Sorry, for the dealyed response, I got distracted when testing Ableton & Noteflight, lol. Here is all of the devices that are added in Device Manager for this midi device once plugging it in (after disabling the drive it creates which contain links to the firmware update package):

Software devices
* Launchkey Mini MK3 MIDI Port
* Launchkey Mini MK3 MIDI Port
* Launchkey Mini MK3: Port 1
* Launchkey Mini MK3: Port 2

Sound, video and game controllers
*Launchkey Mini MK3

Universal Serial Bus controllers
*USB Composite Device (Hub #11)

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I got it working! Thanks!

To fix, in my screenshot above, select "Launchkey Mini MK3" (the top one) and not the default "MIDIIN2 (Launchkey Mini MK3)".

I'd advise to not press the "Restart Audio and MIDI Devices" as I find that more than half the time it prevents it from working after selecting the proper input. Sometimes it does work after pressing that button and it leads you down the wrong rabbit hole. If you press that button and have it on the proper midi input, keep it on the correct input, restart musescore and Bobs your uncle.

Tested working on all 4 of the default API's:
* Windows DirectSound
* Windows WASAPI
* Windows WDM-KS

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