Music Theory Examples

• May 26, 2020 - 17:17

How do I make music theory examples with Musescore, that is, how do I set up a stave, or staves, without meter and measure lines (UK: barlines)? Thanks.


If you right-click the staff and then click Staff/Part Properties, you'll see options to hide the time signature and barlines. But, that's often not the best way to proceed - the barlines will still be present, so there will be extra space. Instead, use the various commands to join and split measures (see Tools / Measures) to get the measures the length you want. Or use Ctrl+Shift+letter in note input mode to insert new notes into a measure, thus increasing its length. And you can use Ctrl+Delete in normal note (not note input) to remove beats from a measure. Lots of different techniques depending on the what exactly you need to do. Feel free to to attach a sample score you are working on and describe in more detail what you are trying to do, if these suggestions don't already get you started.

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