Extend each measure with a rest

• May 26, 2020 - 18:34

I have written a vocal exercise (attached) where in each measure there is the same set of notes at different pitches and a rest at the end. Now I would like to extend the rest at the end of each measure (changing the time signature and extending the measure).

Is it there a way to do this fast without having to copy/paste+extend rest for each measure?

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Use insert mode to add a a rest to each measure, then change the time signature after each measure has already the "correct" number of beats for it.

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In insert mode it seems I can only add notes, so I have to do:
1. A
2. Delete A note to make rest appear
3. Change time signature
(4. Squash new rest and existing rest to make a longer rest)

Is it there a faster way?

E.g. Ctrl+Shift+0 does not seems to insert a pause, and neither pressing 0 when in insert mode.

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Another problem is that in insert mode, it always insert before the selected note. So if the note/rest has to be inserted at the end of the measure you can't:
- If you select the last note of the current measure the new note is inserted before the last, and then one needs to swap the two notes
- If you select the first note of the next measure, the new note is inserted at the beginning of the next measure

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