Partially hidden staves

• May 26, 2020 - 20:29

Strange one this! I'm setting a choral piece for a friend. He wants me to hide the staves that are not in use - no problem, I can do that - but he still wants all the staves to be visible in the first system of the piece, even if they are not in use at that point. Is this possible?


Sure, it is even the default when you use the "hide empty staves" option. Just below it is the checkbox to show/hide empty instruments in the first system in such a scenario.

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I am looking in the "Stave/Part Properties" window, reached by right-clicking on the stave and I am not seeing that option. The "Hide when empty" option is Auto/Always/Never/Instrument and there's a check box for Do not hide if system empty. I don't see what you mention about show/hide in first system.

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