Single note dynamics help

• May 30, 2020 - 03:40

I'm getting pretty fed up with this because I've never gotten it to work.
I add a note, add the Dynamic + hairpin from the palette, and edit the text to pianissimo and forte, but on playback it just plays all mezzoforte as if I did nothing.
The handbook and the "Using Single Note Dynamics (SND)" page tell me nothing whatsoever useful. Someone please give me some advice?

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It's easier to assist if you attach the actual score instead of just a picture. My guess, though, is that you tried using the combined hairpin with dynamic already attached, but those dynamics don't work for playback. Instead, you should simply add the dynamics normally. Or, in this case, add the initial dynamic normally, then the hairpin, add the text for the end of the hairpin, but since it won't be recognized for playback, explicitly set the velocity change for the hairpin in the Inspector.

1) write note (select it)
2) add p dynamic to that note (click "p" in pallete)
2a) select note (if it is unselected)
3) add cresc hairpin to it
4) select next (folloing) note / rest
5) add f dynamic to it

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