Aleatoric Music

• May 30, 2020 - 18:33

I compose a lot of aleatoric music, and recently I've encountered the need to produce it not by hand, so I'm using musescore for it. Does any have any ideas on how to create temporal boxes and the like in musescore?


I had to look up what that a temporal box was and found this Finale-oriented example, which I've used as an example (see attached).

Boxes themselves are currently only really implemented as part of a text element, so not ideally suited when they need to follow a range of notes.
That being said, it is fairly straightforward to use two note-anchored lines instead., give one of them (I chose the top one) a begin and end hook, thus drawing a box by placing the 2nd line below the staff.

The continuation line itself is again a basic plain "line" from the lines palette, Spanned over rests that have been made invisible (show them on screen by checking View → Show Invisible)

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Rounded corners indeed aren't part of lines, so for that scenario there's not a good solution yet.
For your score I think I might've resorted to highlighting with lines instead of drawing rounded boxes though.

I don't think "text lines" are in the menu; they're only in the lines palette.

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