How do I merge eight note´s beams from two different staves in one beam, for piano?

• Jun 2, 2020 - 17:20

I have seen people merging their eighth notes´ beams, although they are in two different staves, but I have tried and can´t seem to find a way to do it.

Best example I can give you, is Lizst´s Liebestraum no 3, specifically, MEASURE NO: 76.

It will be very appreciated if anyone can help me with step by step guidance.

BTW, I am attaching the file I want to modify. I just want to merge all my eight note´s beams together in MEASURE 9.

Attachment Size
Overly Complicated Happy Birthday.mscz 27.2 KB


See the Handbook under "Cross staff notation". Short answer: enter the notes onto a single staff, use Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down to move some of them visually to the other.

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