Spacing between staves

• Jun 2, 2020 - 23:34

I have searched through the handbook and this forum, but can't figure out what I did and how to undo it. I'm creating a band arrangement, and while editing, trying to move a note, I accidentally created a big space between two staves. I had noticed sometimes getting a dotted line, that kind of swung over the staff, and placed a note where it stopped. I had been able to "undo" and voila! This time, though I didn't notice until too late. (So I have page one, with my 10 instruments perfectly spaced, page 2 has a 4 inch space in between clarinet and trumpet, then the bottom of the score is off page.)

Can you help?


We can help better if we can see the score.

But basically, go through the clarinet/trumpet on page 2 (for example by using the arrow keys) to detect the displaced element. Once it is highlighted, press Ctrl+R (Cmd+R on Mac) to reset its position information.

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