xsd of MuseScore file format

• Jun 3, 2020 - 12:10

Is the XSD of the MuseScore file format available ? I'd like to parse the my scores to retrieve some information out of them.


It's not and in flux

If you want a stable interface, you might wish to consider writing your parser against the MusicXML standard instead, a format to which MuseScore (and many other programs) can export.

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I really wish to read native files. The goal is that I can extract some basic information out of my scores (amout of bars, of tracks, instruments, .... ). I guess the xsd does change from time to time, but not that often. This data extraction will be done through a java parser.

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But all that information is available in the (documented!) MusicXML format as well.
The xsd doesn't change from time to time, because there is no xsd

Feel free to look at the mscx document (it has a version) and parse all you want. Just (as you now are) be very aware that the file format will change in upcoming versions and so far noone has bothered to create (and then have to keep up-to-date) an xsd file.

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"there is no xsd" ahah !!

Why I'm not comfortable with the MusicXML approach is that it will force me to export my scores to the MusicXML format after every edit. This is not user-friendly.

An in-between approach would be, prior to reading a .mscz file, to have a background conversion to the MusicXML format, with a command a musescore command like "MuseScore3.exe -o temp.xml myscore.mscz".

I'll have a further thought. Thanks.

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It would help to understand your project a little better. But whatever pain it might be to have some sort of background processing to convert on change, I guarantee that's infinitessimal compare to the pain of trying to extract information from an undocumented file formal that is constantly undergoing change.

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Hi Marc, FYI, I made for myself a little score library tool (*) where one can describe a score by tags, rate it (etc) and that can extract automatically some basic info from the file itself (# bars, # tracks, author, lyrics, chords, ...). And then one can search on it.
This tool supports only GuitarPro files (which is my main tool for now) but as I am considering switching partly to MuseSocre, I'm looking for adding MuseScore file support to the tool.

(*) http://www.parkingb.be/zploger

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