Is there a way to add instruments with other extensions in musescore 3?

• Jun 3, 2020 - 17:40

for example, a traditional Brazilian fife exists in several extensions (G4 - D7, A4 - E7, C5 - G8, etc.), and every time I write for this instrument I need to reconfigure the extension of the instrument individually, wasting a lot of time... If it were possible to at least duplicate the instrument it would help a lot!


If you mean you have customize the range settings in Staff/Part Properties, you could just save the resulting score as a template, then select that template new time you create a new score. But if you intend to use that same instrument in multiple different ensembles, so a single template won't work for you, you can create your own custom instruments.xml configuration file and tell MuseScore to use it, in Edit / Preferences / Score. You can use the existing one as a model. Usually it's best to create just the necessary subset and specify that as a secondary file, as opposed to replacing the original. But all this requires some willingness to "get your hands dirty".

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The XML file isn't "the code", it is a configuration file which you can copy and then modify and store it at a new location. Then refer to that 2nd instruments.xml file in the preferences.

All without having to compile/build MuseScore yourself. But yes, you have to manually work with the config file in a text editor.

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