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• Jun 6, 2020 - 22:16

Hi. What's the complete story for adding sound fonts? Do I need to add any other software first? I have just installed Musescore 3.0. So, what's the next step for exploring fonts? Where can I get fonts? Are there some that are specifically for Musescore that would be easiest to install first? What kind of fonts will or won't work? I have downloaded some VST fonts, but don't know what is actually in the packages or what to do with them. So, for a novice, what do I need to know? Are there any important questions that I have neglected to ask?


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MuseScore currently does not use VST or a plugin system of any kind for sound. Just normal soundfonts (SF2, SF3, and SFZ formats) that require no special software. So simply install the soundfont as described in the Handbook and you are good to go.

VST support is being discussed for MuseScore 4.

I'm experimenting with loading more fonts, but I see that the font menu gets awful cluttered. Can I remove the default fonts, so I can more easily see a new font menu, without the clutter? I would like to have a select list only. What are my options?

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Yes, you can remove the default soundfont and add any number of other soundfonts.

See for details.

However, reducing the list of presets in the mixer dropdown is not so easy. You need a soundfont editor. This would also enable you to build your own soundfont with only the presets that you need and with the presets listed in any order – at the expense of GM compatibility.

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Yes, it will. Add a new soundfont then remove the standard MS font and click the "Set as Default" button so that MS remembers this setup.

I no longer use the MS font. I have one font just for guitars, (top of the synthesizer list so that its presets are listed first in the mixer dropdown), and another font for GM compatibility.

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