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• Jun 7, 2020 - 19:48

I would like to transcribe this. Is there a method or a workaround which can be copied and pasted in a later measure with no changes? Thanks.

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The closest I can come up with right now to notate split stems is to use a plain text line and position it manually.
But the endpoint location is stretch-dependent on the measure width; so when the width of the measure changes you'd still have to adjust the line end point position again.

My first thought was to use a note-anchored line, but that seems not possible to use when start and end notes live on the same beat.

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The version with green notes and lines seems to get messed up easily. The red notes use 2 Voices and a “Slide Out Down“ from the Glissandi palette and seems more robust. The other grouping work, too, without resorting to split stems.

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