Tie Covering Dot on Certain Dotted Noted

• Oct 10, 2009 - 20:50

When I work with scores featuring many instruments (since they're mainly for concert band), I have to make the score small to accommodate all the instruments into one page. That means I can't make it larger. When I tie certain dotted notes with the note following it, sometimes the dot is covered up with the tie. For example, on the attachment below, the dot for the note F is covered up, while the dot for the note G is plainly visible. I do know that I can simply alter the tie to go around the dot, but I use a dot and tie so often that it's becoming a pain just to move the tie to make it fit so it doesn't cover the dot. Is there anyway to make it so these dotted notes' (mainly the ones on the lines, not spaces) dots aren't covered up, whereas I don't have to alter the tie?


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Yeah, this is annoying; the "workaround" that I'm using is simply to flip the stem - so far that's worked every time, since it automatically places the tie on the opposite side of the stem (thus, so far in my experience, always exposing the dot). HTH.


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