Importing a Drum Midi file into Muse Score from EZ Drummer 2

• Jun 9, 2020 - 21:12


I'm looking at using musescore to convert some of my drum midi files to sheet music. I've started off with something simple a short 4 bars output to Midi via EZ Drummer 2. Musescore seems to be unable to understand the file correctly. I've attached the test midi file I was using.


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Test1.mid 608 bytes


Its a lot of work unless you make the EZ drummer file a drum file. I copied the treble clef in bars 1-3 and the bass clef in bar 4 into a percussion staff and deleted the piano. I then checked the drumset box, saved and exported back to Midi. It might be easier just to write for EZ drummer using the Midi out and building a drm file.

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Test1_(1).mid 266 bytes
Test1_(1).mscz 5.86 KB

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