Possibilty to disable the conversion query (automatic position) on opening V2-scores

• Jun 10, 2020 - 12:56

Is it possible to disable the query for automatic position correction on opening V2-scores? I have still a couple of them (more than hundred) that I use as play-along files while playing saxophone.
Up to now I used still Musescore2 for this, but I intend to switch to V3. But each time I get this query on opening a file - and what is worse: after ignoring the query (with N) I am again asked to save the score when closing it.


It will be possible in 3.5 (Alpha available, Beta shortly), 3 options Ask always, Reset never, Reset Always

Won't prevent the question whether you want to save that 'imported' score though when closing it, even if you didn't change anything, you still imported and converted it to the MuseScore 3 format after all, so far only in RAM, hence the question to save it.

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Fine. I just installed the new beta version and was happy to find the flag to disable the query.

About setting the dirty flag: why shall I convert the file? I would forever make it unreadable on another device still running V2 (eg. soundbook for Android which still has some advantages to the newer MuseScore App).

But even when I accept to save the files in the new format (I could agree to this): it defaults saving to another directory than the original one. And it even ignores the original file name and creates a new one with underscores instead of blanks...

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Ok, I agree that my demand is no more than a slight improvement of handling...
... but the only change that I ask for is: don't set the dirty flag after a user has opened an "old" file with option "don't convert".
Actually, each time on closing a file, I need to use the touch pad to press the button "Verwerfen" (in german, maybe "ignore" in english), because the dialog does not even accept key strokes (short cuts).

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Well, it's just the other way round: I WANT to overwrite, if then I don't get the message each time on closing the file (on opening it is already gone - due to the new flag).
I have 10 folders where I hold my different types of scores (sorted by instrument that I play + 3 choir ensembles). If I agree to the actual proposed default save location, the new saved files will be in a different place than before...

What I really don't understand: everything is prepared to keep on using the "old" version files for playback - except for this little detail not to set the dirty flag for such a file after opening it.

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Well, earlier you said you don't want to overwrite because you want to still open the files on older devices that cannot read MuseScore 3 files. It works either way, you just have to decide which way you want to go.

Also, you can change the default save location in Edit / Preferences.

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