Move Lyrics to another verse

• Jun 12, 2020 - 03:25

Often I want to rearrange verses. for example, swap 1st and 2nd verses, or move a segment of one verse to a line below the verse on a repeated melody line for example, to keep my scores on fewer pages for example.

There is no easy way to do that that J have found, because when I cut lyrics they paste in the same verse line they were cut from. it would be nice to be able to specify which verse line is the target of the paste operation. this i think is different from voicing.


To add to the linked answer above:

In order to swap, first select one verse, change it to a non-existing one (for example if you only had 2 verses, make it verse 3). This clears the original verse number, so now you can move the 2nd verse into the first position, then move the verse3 one back the where it should end up.

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