Text (Composer/Lyricist) Alignment in Top Horizontal Frame

• Jun 12, 2020 - 19:36

I don't know if this is a bug or not so I'm calling it a Feature Request.

I recently noticed that MuseScore uses the "lowest" part of a letter as an alignment reference in regards to placement above the bottom of the top vertical frame. So for example if I typed: "Words by Sam," the "tail" on the lowercase "Y" in "by" would be the reference point.

However, if on the same score I typed "Traditional" for the Composer, since there are no "Y's" or Q's" in "Traditional," the basis for alignment is the bottom of the lower case letters. That means, "Words by Sam" and "Traditional" on the same score are out of alignment.

Obviously I can adjust one or the other Y Offsets to make the positioning the same or type "Music by Traditional, but wouldn't it be better for all text positioning to be based the bottom of letters without "tails" and any additional offsets to compensate for letters with tails to be built in so you don't have to manually tweak the positions?

I have a feeling this is even more prevalent with other languages and characters.

I attached an example.

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Both are set for FreeSerif 12 pt, the same font I use for everything.

For what it is worth, I created the same example with same criteria in Muse Score 2 and it DOESN'T happen. Both entries are lined up perfectly using the "tail" of the "Y" in "by" as the spacing from the bottom of Horizontal Frame. Interestingly enough, I created another MuseScore 2 example with "Traditional" for both the Composer & Lyricist and the spacing was the same as expected but still with enough room for a letter with a "tail".

If I did that in Muse Score 3, both would have the same alignment, but would be sitting lower in the frame than entries with lowercase letters with "tails".

That makes me think it is a bug or an oversight.

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The other vertical alignment choices move it too far above the bottom of the top horizontal frame requiring readjustment of the Y Offset which can be adjusted, but why does it have to when it didn't have to before. Just because you type a lower case letter with a "tail?"

Did you look at the example I attached originally? I reattached it below. I am also attaching a version in MuseScore2 which never had this problem.

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I was suffering from the exact symptoms which you described. But @Jojo-Schmitz already identified the area we need to look at. Here was Jojo's suggestion:
"Look at the font alignment, bottom vs baseline (or some such)"

These vertical height settings can be set separately for various elements (Composer, Lyricist) with this menu path: Format > Style... > Text Styles > [Lyricist or Composer]
and then click one of the A icons:
either Align: Align bottom edge of text to reference point
or Align: Align baseline of text to reference point

I have tested this (OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 148e43f) - and I think that there may really be a bug. Choosing "Align baseline of text" both for Lyricist and for Composer should be the best option, because it should ignore letters like "y" with descenders. But that particular selection seems to exhibit faulty behaviour when you choose it. The baseline of the text should settle on the lower edge of the frame with any descenders going below the frame's bottom edge, but instead the entire text jumps upwards towards the middle of the frame. I can't believe that's the intended behaviour...

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"Descenders" Well if nothing else I learned the proper name for them. ;-)

Something is wrong for sure, it used to work fine in MuseScore 2, I just noticed it recently in MuseScore 3 when I used "Traditional" for the Composer.

As you say, both text elements (Composer, Lyricist) should be set the same because one has no idea what element may or may not have a descender.

I await JoJo's analysis when he gets in front of a PC.

Cheers Daniel

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