How to add system wide ritardando with dotted line

• Jun 13, 2020 - 19:18

Is there a way to add a system wide text (ritardando) with dotted line?


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I can't figure out how to change the text of a text line.

I want to turn a "cresc." into a "rit." but keep the dotted line. I've tried:
- insert cresc-line from palette.
- double click it, like I would a regular text box.
- right click - "edit element" throws me to the selecty-movy-boxes at the end, but not to the text

Can this even be done?

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Use the Inspector to change the text(s)

But better use a system text line and change that to your needes (like change text to "rit." and line to dotted)
As a system text line it should propagate to all parts rather than apply to a single staff/part only
Once done, add it to your lines palette to have it ready for ther next use

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