help with repeats - 2

• Jun 15, 2020 - 19:53

Hello everyone I need some help with a particular case of repeats that I want to use in my music.
What i want to do is after playing the last bar, I want to jump to the beginning then play through the DC al coda and then end at measure 4 which contains the "To Coda" Sign
(TL;DR Basically, after the last measure, play through from start to DC al Coda, play through the DC al Coda part, and then end at measure 4.)

I tried using DC al Fine but I couldn't get it to work to my need. So any other solution will be really help for me

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UPDATE: I've tried using this method now. It works (I've enabled Play Repeats at the end of DC al Fine)
But I'm not sure if it is theoretically correct. Any advice or suggestion might be helpful

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