Playback of chords symbols

• Jun 17, 2020 - 05:12

Is it possible to attribute the sound of another instrument to Chords Symbols by Mixer?
Eg Piano Stave and Chords Symbols as guitar.


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In this procedure would we have the melody (solo) with a piano tone for example and the Guitar chords?
I could guide myself in more detail about the procedure, which I understand as very important and of great value for arrangements.

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There is discussion of possibly changing the default for guitar templates to use guitar sounds. If we get enough feedback that this would be advisable, it might happen in 3.5.1. But for other instruments that cannot play chords, it will almost certainly remain piano. The Mixer will continue to be the place to change this or any sound if you don't like the default.

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Click the little arrow at the top of any channel strip in the Mixer to expand that channel and show its subchannels (if any). This is how you change the sound from the default piano, or change volume,. To completely turn off chord symbol playback for the score, you could mute this channel, or turn off Play in the Inspector then hit the "Set as style" button.

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