What's the easiest way to move notes between the bass and treble staffs?

• Jun 17, 2020 - 07:19

I've gathered from reading the forum that MusicXML is a better format for importing to MuseScore than MIDI. Unfortunately, my DAW only outputs MIDI. I tried importing a MIDI file, and the result wasn't as bad as I expected, but there are a lot of notes that land in the bass clef staff which belong in the treble clef staff, and vice-versa. Is there an easy way to move notes between staffs that is less tedious than deleting the offending notes and manually reinserting them in the appropriate clef?


For the same reason that MIDI isn't a great format for notation, a DAW that works primarily with MIDI isn't a great tool for creating music you eventually want to see in notation. But if you do find that necessary for whatever reason, best practice would be to simply have separate tracks in the DAW itself for the left & right hand of the piano. Cutting and pasting notes between tracks in a DAW is a much simpler affair then doing it in a notation program, because there are not all these pesky notation rules to follow, you can just remove a note or add a note without worrying about maintaining a linear flow.

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