puzzling dash causing problem

• Jun 19, 2020 - 03:32

sorry to bother everyone again. i have a very small but critical problem. I have re-posted the score on musescore.com apparently at https://musescore.com/user/22400121/scores/6213209?utm_source=email&utm….

Please look at measure 27. i am trying to have the lyrics under the first note be " Skee" and the lyrics under the second note be "wees". I can't do it. Tried multiple ways. it seems that there should be no problem with 4 letters and a dash under the first word but i can't do it. i noticed there is further below a dash. i don't know what it means or how it got there but i have a suspicion that may be causing the problem. Does anyone know what that dash is and how to get rid of it? thank you. Philip


You're talking about the second and third notes in measure 26 (and not the first and second notes in measure 27), right?

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YES, the second and third actual notes, the last two in that measure (sorry for the confusion; the way i had written my comment was referring only to the two notes in question, so the second actual note was the first note I was referring to).

Would be grateful for a solution. It later occurred to me that maybe i have to split the first syllable into two lines but if i could keep it on one line that would be great,

That's a hyphen. It's out of position because the note that it is attached to is also out of position. Notice how what looks like a D (flat) on beat three has a stem the wrong direction? That's because this is actually an A (flat) that you apparently dragged upward to look like a D (flat). Along the way it was always sideways, and that's why the lyrics are colliding, too.

To fix everything, just click that note and press Ctrl+R to reset it to its proper position. Then if you want to change it to D flat, change the pitch normally, using the arrow keys.

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seems i am having another similar problem for the the above solution did not work. i have re-posted a current version at https://musescore.com/user/22400121/scores/6214468?utm_source=email&utm…

in measure 57 there should be a hyphen between Skee and was, as they are two syllables of same word. i tried CTR--R and nothing happened. i then deleted both notes and tried the normal procedure - enter third note then CTR-L and then enter fourth note - but it did not work. I don't think the number of letters should be the issue.

i woud appreciate it if you could suggest what to do.

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(OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.2.3+dfsg1-4build1 (Ubuntu focal/amd64), MuseScore build number not set, revision: d2d863f)

On my system it looks identical to a lyric that has been entered on one note only. [Ctrl]-R does not change it (neither confirms nor denies that it was entered with a hyphen). Deleting the lyrics an re-entering them works fine for me.

You said “tried the normal procedure - enter third note then CTR-L and then enter fourth note - but it did not work“. Are you entering each note and its corresponding lyric one at a time? The normal procedure is to enter all the notes and then [Ctrl]-L and enter the lyrics for several notes in a row.

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I don't quite follow your description of your 'normal procedure' and you are talking about third and fourth notes of that bar when surely you mean the first and second notes - there aren't any more! Are you entering one note, then a two syllable word underneath it, and then a second note for the second syllable? That won't work - the notes need to be there first.

So input your notes first - phrase by phrase if not verse by verse - then CTRL-L to add the words. To move to the next word, press the spacebar; to move to the next syllable press the hyphen. It's all in the handbook: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/lyrics. The notes will normally respace themselves to accommodate the words, but you may need to increase the bar width by, for instance, using line breaks, or selecting one or more bars and pressing } (format/stretch/increase layout stretch), or in Edit mode (not note entry) just selecting a note and dragging it left or right.

Here's an example.

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To be clear: dragging works if you don't double click, It's still much much more work than the arrows, but it does work if you are carefully not to double click before the drag. Double-click is the way to do manual adjustments for most elements in MuseScore.

Also, for notes specifically, even easier if you wish to enter every in two passes (one for rhythm, another for pitch) is to use "rhythm" mode to enter the rhythm, "repitch" mode to quickly enter the new pitches. There are usually lots of ways to accomplish any given task. You just have to avoid doing something, like dragging after double-click, that is designed to do something entirely different.

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It's not that there is a "required" sequence. Entering dummy pitches first then changing them does work, if you don't mind working twice as hard. The problem here is simply that while you may have inteded to press hyphen between the syllables - and may have even physically pressed the key - your keyboard never sent the hyphen, so MsueScore never entered it. EIther you forgot to press the hyphen, or your hyphen key is a defective. Could just be a matter of needing to clean your keyboard with compressed air.

But to be clear, it absolutely works to delete that lyric and re-enter it normally: click note on beat 2, Ctrl+L, type first syllable, press hyphen to move to next note, type second syllable.

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