Is it possible to have musescore 2 and musescore 3 on the same computer without any issues?

• Jun 21, 2020 - 21:35

Hey everyone,

I'm a bit fed up with the latest musescore update, as I preferred the old MS2 setup because it was more snappy (at least for me). I've downloaded the installer for MS2.3.2 but I'd like to know if it'll cause any issues conflicting with MS3 already being installed on my computer, which is running Windows 10.


There is absolutely no conflict whatsoever, and most of the heavy V2 users are keeping V2 next to V3 on their computers, a.o. for files with lot of manual adjustments for which they have no desire to take the time to adapt them in V3.
Just one thing: as file extension is shared, you will have to choose at OS level if you want to assign that file extension with MS2 or MS3 to set the default program opened by double clicking a file in windows explorer.
If you want to open a file with the other version, you' ll have to either right click on the file and go to 'open with...' option, or open the file normally from the file/open menu in the desired version of MuseScore.
Finally of course you'll have to organise your folders/file name convention to make a distinction between V2 and V3 files.
And (really finally this time) remember that once saved by V3 you can't open a file with V2 anymore.

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