Playback not including rests?

• Jun 23, 2020 - 10:05

When I playback the piece of tab, it does not include any of the rests. Therefore it is impossible to get a feel of the piece. Can someone please help me, I have been stuck on this issue now for weeks. Look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks

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I don't use tab, but I think you have entered your notes in a VOICE, surely the voice 1, without any rest, you have only sixteen notes, and the rests are on another voice (2 or 3) without notes for this voice, so you can delete them, nothing change. If you click on a note or an a rest you see the color of the voice on top of screen and also you have the statut of this element on the bottom on right.
If it is exact you must re-write your notes with adding rests, or use copy and past

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