How do you explain the manner of negative value of leading space in MuseScore 3.x?

• Jun 23, 2020 - 19:42

Exactly how much space are being inserted and WHY?


The negative leading space won't allow you to reduce note distance to less than the minimum note distance set in Format / Style / Measure. Also, these sorts of adjustments are not "absolutely", since measure width is variable as measures are stretched to fill the page width.

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The bug in MuseScore 2.3.2 that allowed notes to overlap like that despite positive minimum note distance values has been fixed. If we wanted to allow it, probably the way to get it would be to allow negative values for minimum note distance. You says it's "absolutely likely" people would want the unreadable result you show in your example, but I don't actually remember anyone ever requesting this before. If enough people request it and an official Suggestion is submitted to the issue tracker, certainly we could consider allowing it.

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Overlapping notes caused only by leading space adjustment are bugs if you have a positive value for minimum note distance, yes. If enough people want overlapping notes - so far you seem to be the first I can recall in the ten years I've been involved - then indeed, there should be a way to obtain that. We're looking at making some significant changes to the note spacing algorithm for MuseScore 4. So if you have some real world use cases you'd like to explain further, maybe we can devise a design that would allow for it more directly.

The last example isn't readable, but also, the values you have chosen for leading space make no sense. GIGO, as we sometimes say.

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By talking about “absolutely” I did not hint about the quantity. At least I know outside the forum I am not the only one.
Then why 10sp is a garbage in MuseScore 3 but not in MuseScore 2?
And what is the estimated time needed before releasing MuseScore 4? It seems that MuseScore 3 was just released half a year ago.

I have taken a look on the thread and this PDF, and I hope that Option 3 is used to calculate the measure width.

Sorry again that I am going to stop here.

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To me the results in MuseScore 2 are "garbage" as well, when you give it garbage input. What's the real world purpose of doing that? I cannot imagine what result one might expect, or why one might imagine this would be an appropriate way to achieve it. If you explain the actual desired goal, and a real world use case where this would be desired, we can talk about designing a good way to achieve it that doesn't rely on hacks like nonsense values for leading space.

For the record, MuseScore 3 was released almost exactly a year and a half ago. There's no particular timetable for MuseScore 4, the plans were only announced a week or so ago. So I'd guess it is still many months away.

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