Need help creating a nested 13 tuplet

• Jun 25, 2020 - 19:43

I would like to create a 9:8 tuplet inside of a 13:10 tuplet (which is equivalent to 5 quarter note beats). Something like this image I got:
I got the 13, I just can't seem to get the 8 inside of the 13 since I would need to select a note that is 9 eighth notes long, and there's no single note (that I know of) that is 9 beats.
Thanks for your help!

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Perhaps I'm wrong : I suppose you are in 5/4 time signature, so 5 beats. On the first you want simply a triplet, on the 2 nd you want simply 2 eight notes , and for the end you want 8 notes in the lenght of the rest of the bar so 3 times so 8 "eight notes" in the lenght of an dotted half note (lenght 3 times).
Look my picture 1 quater note-1 quater note-a dotted half note.
first quater note : CTRL+3
2 nd quater note click 4 and enter another eight note
The dotted half note CTRL 8
Don't write 3:2 8:9 13:10

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Please give us a picture showing more !!!!!! the first picture you only give a piece of the bar, without time signature. The second picture you say it is on 7/4 and the thing we don't have it's this time signature. Give us the whole sheet
Yesterday I say, for me it was 5/4, because I think it was the whole bar. Now you say it's 7/4, what I see is there is , 2 beats (with 4 sixteen notes) before the difficult tuplet, so, nothing is changed for what I say, the 2 first beats, are simple, and the rest is, in a lenght of 5 beats, the difficult tuplet

This is too complex for MuseScore. Personally, it's too complex for me to be able to play without analyzing it first but I'm not a percussionist.

The best I could come up with is a workaround using split bars and a doctored Pedal marking line. For the second “half“ of the bar I've upped the tempo by a ratio of 13:10 - I think that might work? Definitely need a beer now.

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