Howto add a part/staff from a musescore 3.3 plugin

• Jun 26, 2020 - 05:18

Can anybody explain me how to insert/append a new staff/part from a Musescore 3.3 plugin?
I'm currently working on a plugin that generates chord notes from chord text in a dedicated (new) staff. When playing, this staff will direct the connected arranger of my keyboard to play a multi-fingered chord.
I tried to insert a new staff/part from Musescore 3.3 plugin in various ways, but the only thing I succeed in is crashing Musescore.


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As noted, you don't need a plugin anymore - MuseScore plays chord symbols automatically, and can also generates the notes onto a staff if you prefer using Tools / Realize Chord Symbols.

But if you're interested in programming and want to see if you can implement your own algorithm that might improve on what's already builtin to MuseScore, you can start from one of the older plugins that were developed back in the days when MuseScore couldn't do this automatically. See for instance or perhaps…

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