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• Jun 27, 2020 - 07:50

Yes, I made the post finally (sorry to those who don't care):

We've been talking about something in another post ("Change Stave Dimensions for Certain Pages")... Not gonna give the link now but here is the suggestion again:

When opening the Page settings window you will be able to see some new settings next/above (or generally near) the apply/ok/cancel(?) Buttons: they will help apply the changes you made in certain pages... Just like when printing you can have the option to not print everything. Those settings could be shown like this: near the apply button add the options:

Apply to:
[Write pages separated by commas]

actually it's just one

Reason: you can search for the other post by yourselves ( :P ). I personally want it to be available at least for changing stave size and stave distance (stave size changing actually changes distance too). But I was wondering that doing it for everything could facilitate some others... or be completely useless... Well at least it should be for the staves!

Thanks for reaching the end


To me, doing it in this dialog doesn't make sense. That's because the concept of what is a page is constantly changing. As soon as you change a few notes, some measures move from one page to another, and suddenly all your customizations don't make sense any more - there might not even be the same number of pages any more. The only place I can see this working, as I explained previously, is attached to specific page breaks.

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No.. as Marc explained here and in your previous topic as well.
It does make sense to have page-specific settings; but from an implementation point of view, "a page" doesn't really exist. Pages are fluid things which you just so might need more or less from depending on a bunch of style settings and musical context. As there is no real "Page"-object, there is no way to give it settings.

What we do have, is a "page break" element, that prematurely forces the remainder of the fluid content to start a new page. Whether that remainder is than 1 page or 15 is of no importance (yet).
The suggestion by Marc is to locate those settings you're proposing onto the "page break" element, as that one does keep on living, regardless of on which page it ends up. Depending on content changes before it, the page break might be the separation between pages 1 and 2, or (after placing notes in the measures) now be the separation between pages 3 and 4.

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  1. Yes, we want to be able to specify different page settings throughout a score

  2. We can't apply those to "a specific page" as "a specific page" doesn't currently really exist within code.

  3. We propose to add those settings as properties to the existing "page break" element. You could then change the settings for the pages following the page break.

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