Reproduction of chord symbols (figures) in version 3.5 Beta.

• Jun 28, 2020 - 19:40

For the chord symbols (figures) to be reproduced we have to access: Edit / Preferences / Insert note and enable "Play Chord Symbols" / Apply and OK.
I realize for this procedure to be valid and to take effect, I have to close and open the file again, is this normal?
As soon as I close the "MuseScore Settings" window and then press play, the configuration or procedure does not work, as I have to close and open the file again for it to work.
Thank you!


We've removed that preference for the final release. For now, just enable the option once, then to be safe quit and restart MuseScore. Then don't touch the option again, as mention it will go away. Control of chord symbol playback will be done the same way as for everything else, via the Play setting in the Inspector. By default, chord symbols will always play, you will need to explicitly turn them off if you don't want them, just as for ornaments etc.

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