How to enter 4 voices on Bass line?

• Jun 29, 2020 - 21:11

I'm trying to enter a 4-voice (bass/baritone/tenor 2/tenor 1) from an existing score (attached).
The notes appear in the original in that order, bass/baritone/tenor2/tenor1.
There are 2 problems that I'm encountering.
The first is that each voice has a number of measures before the next voice enters. So it's not obvious, until you get a couple of pages into it, that a new voice has to be entered. But...each new voice is higher in pitch than the previous voices. Musescore seems to want voice 1 to be the highest, voice 2 lower, voice 3 higher than 1, and voice 4 lower than 2.
I'd rather not have the 3 higher voices have lots of full measures of rests, just add the new voices as they appear in the original. I can't Implode, because the composer didn't follow Musescore's order of entry where each new voice is lower on the score...

The next problem is that each voice has a tie to a note that's in the first measure of a new voice, so I can't start with voice 1 (even though it ends up as voice 2, then 3, then 4 after all 4 voices are present).

Any help you can give would be appreciated.
(Using MS 3.2.3 on Ubuntu Linux.)

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As far I can see, you only need three voices for each staff/instrument and you've to enter the notes before using "hide empty staves within systems" in format->styles.
Maybe attache your score to assist you better.

You can tie between voices. So once the voice has entered, the rest of its held motes can be in voice 1. t least it looks that way to me, easier to tell if you attach your actual score. But as it is, offhand I don't see anywhere that you would need more than 2 voices.

Thank you Mr. Fox! That was the insight I was missing!

Marc, the attached image shows 3 lines from the score. The last line, 2nd measure shows all four voices coming together at the same time. Each voice comes in on a different measure.

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Yes, I get that, but read my post again. As I said, it's possible to tie notes together in different voices. So, a voice might enter in voice 1, but then you can tie it to a note in a chord in voice 1. So each voice when it enters needs to be voice 2, but then after the first measure, all voices that have already entered can be combined into a chord in voice 1. Again, no single measure in that example requires more than 2 voices, you you don't need more than 2 voices in all. Try it! If you have trouble, please attach you best attempt and we can show you how to get it working as simply as that.

I can see that if they're all "just notes", on paper (remember paper? I still have piles of it !-), then you can get by with 2 or 3 voices. (Important to know!)

But what if they're different instruments and you want them each to have their own sound during playback?

Does that affect the attachment of lyrics? Or temporarily hiding a voice? Or slurs?
Thanks! Good discussion!

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Different sounds for different voices is not supported. At most you can mute voices individually.

Lyrics should still work normally if you combine voices like this, at least in most cases - would need to see a specific score to understand if there are cases where it doesn't. Not sure what you mean about temporarily hiding a voice - MuseScore doesn't support that, either. Only individual notes can be hidden. Also not sure what you are asking about slurs, but those can be cross-voice too.

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