re-arrange voices

• Jun 29, 2020 - 23:16

i have written a score but have been asked to move the instruments so that, e.g. piano comes on the bottom and the flute on top. i looked in voices and that exchange is for the notes; i dont want to change the notes, just the location on the page of the 4 instruments. is this possbile?


When reading the Handbook - or really, any documentation on MuseScore, or pretty much any notation software - keep in mind "voices" always refers to the things that happen within a single staff. If you mean different staves, then you need to be looking up about rearranging staves, not voices. Or, *instruments". Usually that's basically the same thing, but of course, some instruments like piano are notated on two staves. But it's the same dialog boxes you use either way.

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