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• Jun 30, 2020 - 04:27


I need a single page that shows a line of four measures with treble clef, a separate line of measures in bass clef, one that shows the grand staff and one that shows the vocal/piano staff template (two lines of treble and one bass clef)

Is this possible?

Thanks, DS


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Hate to be a nuisance, but could you make that 3rd line, labeled PIANO into the grand staff? Keep the piano label. Otherwise it's exactly what I need :-)

I've been messing with it, looked through the Master Pallette, tried Format>styles looked at "Add" and can't seem find a way to do that. I'm new to this ...

Thank you!


If I understand correctly, then yes this is possible, add all the staves you want, add the notes you need, then turn on Format / Style / Score / Hide empty staves.

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I'll give it a go - I'm pretty new to MuseScore, I'm wanting to make a page that I can use to explain each one to beginning students - I can show it easily enough by exporting pdf images, cropping and pasting into a word doc, but I also want them to see/hear the page play so it needs to stay in MuseScore.

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