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• Jun 30, 2020 - 16:42

I have edited a score saved previously and saved it by pressing the save icon. However, after closing the app and re-opening it later, when I reload the score via the File Open option it opens the previous version before I edited it. This has now happened twice. I have saved a new version via Save As changing the name slightly and I can see the new file both via the FIle Open option and in the folder where the scores are normally saved.

At the moment the default folder for storing my scores appears to be on my OneDrive. Is it possible it is not being synch'd correctely? I would like to change the location of the folder onto my hard drive but cannot see where in Musescore that I can change this?

Can anyone help as I don't want to have to re-edit everything only to lose it all again?


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Thank you Shoici. However, I have checked the setting in preferences and it is pointing to my Onedrive folder as the default folder for Scores. I have also noticed that it has the Autosave option ticked with a value of 2 mins.
One other additional piece of information I have now found - when I looked at File Open Recent it was not listed. However, there was a .mscz file with a random name as though it may be a temporary file created by the autosave and when I opened that, lo and behold, there was my recently edited version. So I have now saved this with the correct name and to eliminate the possibility that it is the OneDrive synch causing the problem, I will copy/move the folder with my scores from my OneDrive to a folder on my hard drive and change the setting pointing to it in Preferences.

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I followed your instruction to change the folder and pressed Apply. If I close the Preferences and open again it is still showing the folder I changed to. But when I click on the Save icon or choose File Save As it is still saves to the old folder (which happens to be the same folder as the system shortcut "documents" in Explorer). If I press "Reset all Preferences to Default" it changes it to that "documents" folder but with the full directory string.

Could there be a restriction in the version of MuseScore that I have installed that is causing this and will not let me save anywhere other than the system "Documents" folder?

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Hi, I think I am now starting to understand what is happening. If I choose Save As and select a different folder, it keeps the link to the new folder. I think I was confusing myself because I managed to end up with 2 versions of the same score - one in the system "documents" folder and the other in the new folder and if I opened the one from the "documents" folder it kept saving back to that folder even though I had changed the default in preferences to the new folder. It appears to be where a particular Score is Saved As which is important and since I did Save As to the new folder it appears to be keeping that folder as the default.

Hopefully, my question is now answered, thank you Shoichi.

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