locate saved file

• Jun 30, 2020 - 17:53

i apologize for so many questions. when i saved my file it said in the box " Philip Foster-App Data - Local - Musescore - Musescore 3" so presuably that is where it is stored.

My question now is how do i find this file on my computer? i found it before by chance but i can't find it again this way.

Thank you in advance. Philip



Click on the folder if you want to change destination folder


read the path if you want to know where MuseScore saves your scores.

i found out how to find it. File-Save and that shows the file. Then i dragged it to Downloads folder. Copied it and pasted to email. i opened it there to be sure and it appeared. However, when i tried to send it, it said file empty. I Tried again, this time dragged it to Documents folder. Copied it, opened it, attached to email and it went through. what a system!

Note that saving user documents into AppData is not advised by MicroSoft. And by default the AppData folder is hidden from normal users in the Windows Explorer view.

MuseScore by default saves to a subfolder of your Documents folder, so I'm not quite sure how (or why?) you end up with documents within the AppData folder.

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My guess is this file was the result of restoring a session after a crash, probably in an older version of MuseScore. Or there may have been multiple crashes, I think this can still result in things like this. in the future, after a crash, it's best to explicitly do a save as to make sure your file is going where you want it. Crahs recovery isn't really giving you your actual file, it's giving you an "autosave" version that was deliberately hidden away. When you save it, using current versions of MuseScore, it should go back to the original normal location, but if there is another crash before then, or you make the mistake of not saving the recovered file at all, then you can end up in this bad situation where you are continuing to work with the autosave file rather than your real file, which is probably still in Scores you originally saved it but is now out of date.

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